About Us

Our Mission - Great Coffee. The best damn coffee you ever had (Yes we said damn). Thatís our mission. We do not use politics to sell coffee. We simply sell great coffee with outstanding service.

Our commitment to you - You work hard for your money, so when you spend that hard earned money in our shop or on our coffee, we know we have to earn it. We promise to remember that. If youíre happy, weíre happy. Period.

Our commitment to our community - Family, friends, community and country. In that order. We take care of our own. No fancy-pants cerification schemes or advertising slight of hand. Just a commitment to be a good neighbour. We support our local food banks, volunteer organizations and community groups with time, money and coffee.

Our commitment to sustainability- we are selfishly committed to buying coffee produced in an environmentally responsible way whenever possible, not because we are enlightened or better or anything like that, but simply because it ensures a long term supply of high quality coffee to roast. Itís also good for our families to have air they can breath and a planet they can enjoy.

About our coffees

Our coffees are carefully selected from around the world from farms and brokers where the coffee cherries are allowed to fully develop their unique flavours and aromas.  Then they are carefully roasted to perfection in small batches in our roastery in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

As with any agricultural product, coffee quality can vary dramatically between producing countries, regions and individual farms. We have longstanding relationships that allow us to pick our products very carefully. Unlike large commercial roasters, our focus is on quality and variety rather than volume. As a result, our coffee menu offers a broad array of exotic coffee experiences.

Quest Coffee for Fundraising

For Groups and organizations we offer a fundraising solution that differs from most traditional fundraisers. Traditional fundraising occurs under high pressure over a specific time period, usually two to six weeks and often selling goods or products that offer little value or would not normally be purchased. You know what we mean...

Quest Coffee as a fundraiser extends your fundraising efforts to a year round sales cycle with little or no effort, selling a product that the average household buys twenty times a year! We provide your organization with order forms and a schedule. Then you simply take the orders on a regular basis, submit them to us and we roast, package and ship the order to you. Your members, clients and customers get a great product at a good value (normal retail price) and you get money for your cause! Most of our coffees are available for fundraising although we do reserve some of our smaller lots exclusively for our own sales in our shop.

If that sounds easy, itís because it is...